About iXplore.io APP

A little about the app and how it works!

One Main App

The iXplore.io app contains many other apps within itself. But your easy to find by city or location. Once you are added to favorites you are only one click away from your customers.

Your Custom App

Your design, your logo, and your brand! It’s all about you and your customer experience, imagine scratch cards, loyalty cards, links to your social media, and more!

Your Opportunity!

Unlike your own individual app where you reward your current client base, you can leverage the power of community! This puts your brand in front of many more people who may be not be a current customer. People looking at other things may be enticed by your offer and check you out!

The Main App

Enjoy the best design and functions combined together

Without the expense and hassle of building and maintain your own app. You can even have a full back end automated marketing system on our paid plans at no extra cost!

Plans and Features

Here are our simple pricing plans and features. Features listed are a small portion compared to what we offer to premium subscribers. Premium does not mean more expensive, it means more extensive!